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Please keep in mind that I am a Radio amateur trying to help others. This is not a commercial operation.

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I keep stocks of boards.  I have the repeater and beam controller boards in stock. I do not have complete sets of parts.

Bare boards for the VK5DJ Beam Rotator Project are AUS$25 per set plus $8 P/P for overseas amateurs and $2 for within Australia. The set consists of the main board for the shack unit and two boards for the AZ/EL units used up the mast. Because it can be quite expensive keeping sets of boards I no longer stock the small encoder boards for the AS5040/5045 chips. I found that it is far easier to buy the HH-12 or the US-Digital MA3-P12 ready built encoders and certainly they are better constructed than many of us could manage.

I have small stocks of 18F4685 chips and 16F628A PIC© microcontrollers. I can provide a programmed 18F4685 for $20 and programmed 16F628A PIC© for $10 each. You would need to advise me what encoder and LCD you will use. No extra postage is required if purchased with the boards, otherwise add the $8 or $2 mentioned above.

For the repeater controller I have boards for AUS$10 (17 April 2017). I can provide programmed 16F1827 for $10 and the harder to obtain MC145436 for AUS$7.50. At the time of ordering it is helpful to provide information on the password required (3 numerals) and whether you require active low or active high for COS input and PTT output. Generally I recommend keeping to the defaults of active low. If you provide the callsign I will program that for you, but this may be changed later by DTMF command.

I prefer payment by Direct Deposit for Australian Amateurs and Paypal by overseas amateurs. Please email me for my Paypal account (overseas) or my bank details (Australians).

Repeater board large.JPG Beam boards.JPG

Repeater board available (AUS$10)+ MC145436 ($7.50) + PIC16F628A ($10). Note photos show populated boards for illustration only

Beam control boards ($25) consists of two AZ/EL boards and main board.

Only bare boards sold.

Have stock.

Click images for larger photos. Please note that only bare boards are sold. You need to populate these.