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Beam controller (a few Boards available 12 July 2023)

Repeater controller (Sold out, no boards available, Gerber available)

Yagi Calculator - 20 July 2023 (International version)

     Download Yagi Calculator Version 2.6.20                    Minimum short form of YC as YagiCalcLX

New International version 3.0.1

RD Contest logger V8.40 2020 (includes Omnirig)

Click here to download RD logger for 2020 which supports new Cabrillo3


Make sure you do not install in Program Files as there may be permissions issues if you do. Uninstall old version of RD logger first just in case. If your internet cache has an old copy it may use that. Check for version 8.40.

Moon tracking DLL V2.14

Orbitron interface

“Remote” the Orbitron interface (self extract)                 “Remote” the Orbitron interface (ZIP)

Transistor tester

Complete information pack

Weather APRS

BASIC source file                                       Weather HEX file for 16F628A

Material common to all versions of the VK5DJ Beam Controller Project

GPS Clock

Remote control

Remote control project labelled Istvan 11 July 2019.zip who has worked with me on the updated project.   

Deviation meter

Deviation meter project ZIPPED set of files