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Maik DM4YWL has created an alternative interface that controls the VK5DJ Beam Controller through a real or virtual serial port. It is designed to reside on a Windows computer.

He has made an excellent job of it and I like the ability to add items in a database. The maximum and minimum azimuth and elevation values may also be setup up and this is easier than accessing the menu items in the hardware. I also like the clockface indicators for azimuth and elevation and the ini file setup.

Each of the windows can be moved around the screen to suit the user. The database and AZ/EL indicator screens are not essential to operations, leaving the essential VK5DJ Remote V1.0.1 screen showing

Here is the complete setup package for download <http://dm4ywl.darc.de/setup.exe>, just run the SETUP and enter the required information. There is a PDF manual in the progam folder. The link now points to Maik’s site to ensure the latest version is always available.

Thanks for your contribution Maik.

DM4YWL interface to the Beam Control project