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Sparks galore

This spark coil was built by John VK5JA. Great sparks - TX potential?

2M receiver

The WeatherAlert box has a 148Mhz receiver. My page shows how to mod.


This great little board for ethernet to serial. Use it as an Internet to beam project link

GPS sync

This simple board feeds 1Hz pulses and NMEA to set the computer clock etc.

Transistor tester project was designed by the Adelaide boys. It uses a WeatherAlert box.


A joint project with Russell VK3ZQB. An incomplete magnetic compass.  

DTMF control

This single chip device sends control codes to a remote repeater system.


An essential item for any home brewer. Your projects can grow in 3 dimensions

Some are entirely my own invention, some are cooperative projects, while others are just good ideas from other people. (Although I use other people’s ideas all the time and adapt and adopt)

For me Amateur radio is just a great hobby and it amazes me how many hams are willing to help each other and share their work. We have all seen some outstanding contributions - some in magazines but there is no doubt that the Internet is the best source of all kinds of project ideas. This site is my bit towards the pool of knowledge.

VK5DJ Projects

A brief summary of other current projects both finished and unfinished.

Projects don’t have to be complex and some are improvised and even incomplete. I’ve shown a few of these below and include works in progress. I have devoted a page to four of them.