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The beam controller project with a two line version by Stan LZ2STO at top and my latest four line version below. The latter now has a hardware clock.

Computer driven if required the box is fully capable without help.

The simple matrix board solution to the GPS clock system built for PC time synchronisation.

The satellite antenna system at VK5DJ. Uses an inclinometer for elevation readout and a potentiometer for azimuth.

A yagi built using the Yagi Calculator  to provide comms by cellphone

The weather project to send data from WM918 weather station to TNC

The logger program specifically designed for the Remembrance Day Contest.

The VK5DJ linking repeater project with DTMF and CTCSS

Chris VK5MC is a friend of many years. This is his well made 10 metre dish for 1296Mhz EME. Following a QTH change, it became his second EME dish. The small room is his TX and converter hut.

Chris’s dish was the reason the VK5DJ beam controller project came into being. Chris uses AS5040s for direction information.