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I program in two languages - Delphi for Windows and BASIC for the PIC© microcontroller.

Delphi is a Windows, Object Oriented programming language based on Pascal. It is very easy to use for a self taught programmer such as myself. I use Delphi XE5 being more than powerful enough for the kind of projects I develop.  I barely touch its capabilities and I recommend it as a programming platform. The structured nature of Pascal forces me to be systematic. Anyone who grew up on BASIC with the Commodore 64s, the early Apples, the Microbee, various CPM and DOS machines etc etc will benefit from using a structured language such as Pascal or C.

My PIC© programs are written with the Proton Development system (PDS). It is a BASIC compiler by Crownhill, an English company. I am impressed by its stability and excellent forum. If you experiment with PICs I can thoroughly recommend it. The code it produces is very tight and bug free.

The four projects presented here are:

Orbitron/VK5DJ Interface

Orbitron is a very good satellite tracking program. Sebastian Stoff (http://www.stoff.pl/) has programmed a capacity to export the data from Orbitron to beam controlling systems.

I have modified his interface to support serial data through the RS232 and then control my beams through the VK5DJ Beam Controller. Click here to access the VK5DJ Remote Interface.

Yagi Calculator

A yagi antenna program that provides guidance in the construction of DL6WU yagis. This version is compiled with Delphi XE5 and is a follow up to my 1991 yagi program written in Borland Pascal. Many successful antennas have been built using it. Click here for the Yagi Calculator page.

RD Logging Program

This contest logger is specifically designed to match the rules of the Australian Remembrance Day, a contest run in August each year to remember servicemen and women who died in wars. The RD Contest is known as the 'Friendly Contest' and is well supported by amateurs in Austalia, Paua/New Guinea and New Zealand. Check the RD Logger page here.

Moon tracking DLL

Writing a program to do something with the moon? Then you will find this DLL useful. The purpose of the DLL is to provide an easily used platform for the calculation of the position of the sun or the moon and to provide the associated information often required for amateur radio operators interested in EME. Accuracy is sufficient for most amateur EME systems. The position of the sun may also be calculated - useful for noise measurements and calibration of antenna positions. Read more on my Sun/Moon page here.