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Repeater controller features

Features a minimum of components and cost to achieve the following features:

I no longer have boards available.

On the supply of a 16F1827 the author will burn the PIC for amateurs at no cost other than return P/P  


French language translation of an older version manual thanks to Patrick TK5EP see Downloads page.

General operation of the linking controller:

The controller enables a conventional duplex repeater to be controlled by a COS line from a receiver(s). The various timers and tones for operator information are provided.

It uses DTMF tones for remote control (password protected) and has facility for CTCSS control.

In addition it provides either a gateway or linking port (software determined). When configured as a gateway the secondary port has identification and a tail with telltail beeps if required.

The controller has a beacon function for club information.

There is a choice of five identification modes to match European and some local Australian requirements.

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